High Myopia Treatment

On Focus: How it Feels when wonders of your sight gets diminished?

Eye is an open world for all of us. The way we perceive, the way we interpret and the way we relish the things around us is primarily through our eyes.We have a wonderful feeling when we see new things. We experience the ecstasy and beauty through our eyes. Among the 5 senses, What make us to see the things out there, are Eyes. We know the discomfort when some dust or foreign particle obstruct our field of vision. The complex in person in wearing glasses, its interference in his/her daily routine are some of the silly things we aware about eye conditions. But there are other eye conditions that may totally interfere our vision.


Very High Myopia is such a problem that could diminish the wonders of our sight. It is a chronic eye disorder that may cause eye deformity, which subsequently result in near vision loss. A very high myopia means  short-sightedness in the range of −8.00 D and -20.00 D or more. It is often associated with floaters and shadow like things in the field of vision. This condition may be occurring due to inborn birth defect. Headache, squinting, eye strain and eye tiredness  are the common symptoms. The sad story is that Asian people are more prone to this eye problem. High degree of Myopia will lead to elongation of the eyeballs, stretching and thinning of the retina that captures objects as a film layer and bulging of eyes. Prompt and early detection is the first step in managing this problem. Corrective glasses are often suggested, but they could not give comfort and convenience to patients. This solution is just an aid, but now we have corrective surgery that could give better results and efficiency. There is no need of soda-glasses, humiliations or any frustrations. The surgery is available under expert ophthalmologists. Dr. Baskara Rajan is one among them who have 40 years of expertise in this field. If you have any friends, relatives or acquaintance who are downtrodden with conditions of High Myopia, please introduce to our doctor. He has successful patient history and goodwill due to specialized-individual attention.

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