High Myopia Treatment (Correction Process)

RK excimer LASIK, photocoagulation, cropexy and clear lens removal are only abetting techniques in high myopia treatment. In laser treatment, laser is applied to the front part of the eye. In high myopia bulging of the eye or staphyloma occurs at the back of the eye, so the right treatment should focus on the back side of the eye. So the laser treatment is not the right treatment for high myopia. The technique of PSSO is done as a prophylactic aiding technique. This technique should be done at younger stage itself.

The new technique practised in this clinic focus the treatment of back side of the eye. The powers of even up to -30D or more can be corrected by this procedure. The progression of high myopia is arrested by the two stage process; the scleral support operation and the lens implantation.

Scleral Support Operation

1st stage
1st stage is the stage of scleral support operation by donated cells. Here scleral tissues are collected from the donor eye. Then the back portion of the eye is supported using this scleral tissue or the scleral band. This support prevents the progressive thinning of the back portion of the eye.

Lens Implantation

2nd stage
2nd stage is the stage of lens implantation. The natural lens is removed and the vision is restored by the implantation of intra-ocular lens.
Advantages of PSSO
1. Myopic progression can be arrested
2. Increases blood circulation to macula
3. Improved central vision and clear vision

Correction By 2 Stage Surgery

This is the ideal solution for very high Myopia and should be performed in childhood itself. The first stage is to prevent further progression of the Myopia. In second stage to correct the vision without glasses.